Penny Wars

to contribute to relief for children in the Philippines

Global friends at The Phoenix School in Salem, MA, Mill Creek School in Geneva, IL, and Denton _ on Long Island, NY collect coins to help schools in the Philippines. Here's how our coin collections grew each day.

We will be joining an effort started by Heidi Raki at the International School of Morocco. Proceeds will be sent to two schools in the Philippines who were severely impacted by the typhoon:


The Phoenix School

Denton Dynamos

Mill Creek

Day 1

Day 1.jpg
Here at the Denton Dynamos, we collected for one week. We did not collect many coins but ended up with over $200 in bills. So while our coin jar is fairly empty, we have collected a large sum of money for just our class of 24. We are very proud of our accomplishment and will be sending our money to the Philippines.
Day 2
Day 2.jpg
Our final total was $260. We donated it to the schools in the Philippines via Mrs. Raki.
Day 3
Day 3.jpg

Day 4
Day 4.jpg

Day 5
Day 6.jpg

Day 6
Day 7.jpg

Day 7
Day 8.jpg

Day 8
Day 9.jpg

Day 9
Counting pennies.jpg
When we brought our money back from Rotary, we had lots of bills. Since we were collecting coins, we had to exchange all the bills for pennies, which we then put in the jars. How many pennies in $160? Which picture shows the day after we went to Rotary?

Total raised
We raised 347.79

Phoenix kids are members of the EarlyAct Community Service Club sponsored by the Salem Rotary Club. Last year a team of 5 teachers from the Philippines visited Phoenix. Ellen, one of these teacher suffered damage to her school and home, so the EarlyAct members voted to give 1/3 of the money we raised to her school and 2/3rds to the two schools in the Morocco project. If Mill Creek and/or Denton Dynamos want to do the same thing, just let us know.

After we were done with raising the money two of our members made giant checks to represent the real ones we sent away.