Home of the Brave

by Katherine Applegate
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Week 1: By January 17th - page 3 - 50
First Structure Question Posted January 13th
Week 2: By January 24th - page 51 - 127
Second Structure Question Posted January 20th
Week 3: By January 31st - page 128 - 170
Third Structure Question Posted January 27th
Week 4: By February 7th - page 171 - 224
Fourth Structure Question Posted February 3rd
Week 5: By February 14th - page 224 - end (including epilogue and Author Notes)
Last Structure Question Posted February 10th

Connections: Jenny - lived in South Africa with Peace Corps

Eileen Barton - lived in Ghana for 3 months as a retired teacher helping a group of Catholic nuns set up a computer lab.






  1. How does the poetic form of the novel help us see the world through Kek’s eyes?

    1. Why did Katherine Applegate choose to write the story in a poetic form?

  1. How is it especially hard for newcomers to the US?
    1. Imagine if you were new to a country, not speaking the language well, not understanding the rules. What do you think you would have difficulty with?

  1. The issue of immigration is a topic that is being debated in our government and throughout our country. What are we to do? Questions to consider are:
    1. Should we make it easier for people to immigrate to America or enforce stricter quotas?
    2. Do immigrants add to the economy or take jobs away from American citizens?
    3. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in America and seek to gain legal status or be sent back to their home countries?

  1. Kek is no different than any other immigrant who comes to America. He has the need to belong, to feel accepted and to be an American. Is there such a thing as an “American boy?”
    1. What do you do to fit in with others? Would the same things work with any group of students? Why or why not?

  1. Do Americans try to keep out immigrants from the mainstream of society?
  2. What is an idiom? Find some in the book.
  3. Look thru the Literature questions in the guide to find more…..