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Eric Carle GRA-RAG classes

School and Location


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The Phoenix School
Salem, Massachusetts USA

Betsye Sargent

grades PK-1st, ages 4-6

Williamsburg Elementary School,
Geneva, IL, USA
Christy Valyou, K-5 Reading Specialist
Elizabeth Hoselton, 1st grade Reading Teacher
(GRA Group of students are all 1st graders)

Garden Grove, California, USA
Elizabeth Goold, Kindergarten

Surrey, BC Canada
Karen Lirenman, 1st grade

Ottawa, ON Canada
Tanya Alvarez, JK/SK

Books for our Group and Reading Schedule:
Our list is different from other Eric Carle groups
GRA-RAG Eric Carle groups:
Week 1: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Week 2: Have You Seen My Cat
Week 3: The Mixed Up Chameleon
Week 4: A Home for a Hermit Crab
Week 5: The Very Lonely Fire Fly
Week 6: "Slowly, slowly," Said the Sloth -- Sabrina is not able to join us, but will share material about the sloths in Costa

Elizabeth set up a Google doc for sharing ideas:

Here is a short video of his art: